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When you start on Twitter , with zero followers, and nobody reads you, get followers on Twitter  may seem like a task  almost impossible.

Not so , knowing how to do, not only can get, but you can also get quite within reasonable time.

In the first part of this post we published last week, we focus on the principles that you must follow to increase your followers and what mistakes you have to avoid.

Today I'm focusing on the tricks  to get followers on Twitter that you can apply to make in a matter of days with a good fan base and from there to accelerate your growth in this network.

Many of these tricks you will be useful not only for the initial boot, but they're going to report steady flow (and increasingly intense ) of new followers .

10 Tips to speed up your growing number of followers on Twitter
Well, we go with what would be the top 10 tricks I know to get the number of Twitter followers in your account grow at a good pace, even when you're starting from scratch:

1. Having a personal blog and / or professional
This is undoubtedly the most powerful tool I've met so far to get followers on Twitter and therefore my recommendation No. 1 if you have a Twitter account with a large number of followers is that you create a blog related to trafficking issues you passionate about and that does not cost write.

I know ... It's a bit ridiculous to recommend the creation of a blog just to grow your Twitter account, but I would not make this recommendation if you do not have many more reasons to seriously advise you plantees this option .

Not surprisingly, people like Enrique Dans believe that the blog is the most important tool for your personal brand (affirmation, with a humble servant is 100% agreement). That is, the blog, regardless of your account Twitter, Worth anyway.

If you are interested in topics like blogging , not miss our collection of the best resources for blogs & bloggers
If you are motivated, you will find that a blog + Twitter is a perfect alliance with many synergies.  On this blog, which is still very young, we've had posts that have brought us over 50 followers in one day and probably a total ( this is hard to measure) of more than 100 supporters from which they were first published.

Two. Use Twitterfeed
The free, online tool Twitterfeed play hard with the blogs for the title of "most powerful tool we have known to date" .

In fact, if you do not have a blog or see what blogs will not be your thing, in my opinion, it would clearly be option # 1 to increase the number of followers on Twitter because it is effective , is " ethics "(do not use dirty tricks and technique follow / unfollow) and requires virtually no effort because it works alone.

catch statistics Citizen 2.0 June / July
Statistics of clicks posts disseminated via Twitter in June / July 2012 (counting only the clicks on shortened URLs with
In this case it is a tool that converts RSS feeds in tweets .buy twitter followers

Your success depends on your good judgment when selecting these sources . Selecting sources with good quality care and respect a number of good practices , you are providing valuable content on your timeline and you will be rewarded with people you start following.

Otherwise, even if you post spam or junk, you will be rewarded with lower your followers ...

What I love about this tool is that it be a perfect way to combine automation on Twitter with the input value a perfect win-win for the blogger / tweeters and the follower .

However there is a "but" : its effectiveness depends on how many people you already follow. Therefore, with zero followers initial startup will be slow , but once you reach a certain threshold is effectively tremendous and with many followers is like having a turbo on your Twitter account.

Tip: Use the top highly specialized sources that allow to include a hashtag .

We, for example, we really like the blog to help WordPress , this would be a perfect example of a source that allows systematic use hashtags like # wordpress or # blogs tweets in all of his posts (remember to use hashtags increases your visibility Twitter ) since it is guaranteed that all his posts talk about these issues.

Three. Pulling your friends and acquaintances
Locate friends already on Twitter and be active, encourages people (not only friends but also colleagues, customers, etc..) to make themselves high on Twitter, on this blog you will find a lot of material to convince .

Make a mass mailing to your address book, both professional and personal, indicating that you are now on Twitter, ask colleagues and clients if they are on Twitter, announces a new account on forums and social networks in which whether you are active, etc.

That is, try to identify all the resources that you already have and try to match them as much as you can to make a small initial base of followers on Twitter. Going from zero to a few tens and would be a very important step.

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April. Do guest-posts on relevant blogs of others
Another great formula to accelerate the growth of your list of followers are guest posts (guest-posts) on a third blog.

There are blogs like Bloguismo Or travel and photography blog using this formula much for your contents. And in this postDavid Cantone can see the effects it can have a post by guest, not only for Twitter account, but also for your personal brand.

catch statistics October City 2.0
Statistics of clicks posts disseminated via Twitter in October (only counting the clicks on shortened URLs with The difference with the statistics of June / July is just stunning .
To increase your options is important that you also dare to get into new areas that are not obvious at first glance, but related to your activity.

For example: suppose you are a lawyer, you have your own office and are interested in promoting yourself.

Did not find the ideal place to write about your specialty right blog, but you can not dare to go to a blog as Bloguismo (which is precisely blogging and related issues) and propose a post on a specific legal issue related to publishing content blog (use of copyrighted materials, etc.).

In this case, you could investigate, for example, what are the problems of using images subject to copyright in a blog post and create a series of three or four different posts about it.

Publishing a post of very good quality and be successful in a blog with traffic having Bloguismo, there would be no nonsense get over 100 followers with this action in the medium term, even if you can make a post of a caliber to become a reference in the network, not to mention, of course, the positive effects for your personal brand of this.

May. Followback
I hate technical style "I follow you, you follow me" for the reasons discussed in this post .

However, on the other hand, unless you have a significant number of friends or get "put" a guest-post on a consolidated blog and with a high level of traffic as Bloguismo, is not easy to reach a critical mass of followers , which allows you to "listen to you" on Twitter and growing by tango follow tweets based on quality. This critical mass would place it in > 100 followers about, although it is a figure very debatable .

In this sense, considering the hardness of the principles I find "excusable" using these techniques to the initial "push" .

Of course, be clear that you build an audience with these techniques will be very inefficient because the people doing followbacks per system do not hardly ever read and even less, you will interact (retweets, mentions, etc). Therefore, the thing makes sense rather face the good image that gives already have 100 or more followers, which will greatly facilitate others interested in you and give you a chance.

But this, on the other hand, does not cease to be a delusion because your audience will not really followers interested in you but to participate in it paripé . These are the things to which I referred earlier to "dirty tricks". Now, I do not look the same "small-scale" to get that effect ignition of your account when you already have 5000 followers. In those ranges I think we are talking about pure and simple deception to pretend that success does not really have.

Anyway, from here, the choice is yours.

To all this, you still do not have your own blog?

Well, believe me, you should . You can not imagine the opportunities you could be missing ...

You can spend 5 minutes to discover in this post what you're missing or just keep ignoring it , you decide ...

6. Set your Twitter account on your business card, at the bottom of your email signature, etc..
This point does not have much to explain. This is an idea as simple as effective .

In addition, an improvement of your professional and personal brand image because a Twitter account in a paper business card is something that adds a touch of professionalism that gives an air of "you up."

Moreover, set foot signature on your email account with Twitter (and who says Twitter says your blog, etc..) is a very profitable investment . Think that will surely take no more 15 minutes of work and yet you're sending thousands of emails with the firm over the twitter followers

If you do not know how to do for your particular reader mail, Google and YouTube find countless tutorials to teach you what Outlook , Hotmail , Gmail , etc..

7. Ask a mass mailing to your contacts

We all have many contacts, usually hundreds, of which also have their email address. This is a great asset , also to jump-start your Twitter account. I take advantage of it.

Moreover, in Spain there are already more than 5 million Twitter accounts . That means that more than 10% of the population has a Twitter account (though certainly there to discount false accounts, companies, etc..).

This applied to your contacts% means that for every 100 contacts, you'll find more than 10 Twitter accounts actually much more because penetration of Twitter in your contacts has to be greater than the penetration of the general population (in your contacts probably just appear under 14 and over 70). So do the math.

Being contacts who already have an established relationship and you know that physically it is very easy to encourage them to follow you if you write an email saying you'd like to get in touch with them via Twitter.

Of course, keep the wisdom of using the Bcc field (field "BCC" on the recipient list) when you send the mail to many people at once ...

If I want to Curran, you can also use tools like functions "Merge" Word to create personalized letters:

8. Leverage your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts
This trick is ultimately the same as above, but applied to Facebook and LinkedIn .

The idea would be to communicate the existence of first Twitter account to your contacts and friends, but you can also post from Twitter to Facebook and you can also do the same in reverse .

If you maintain a constant activity in these channels and you care quality, increase followers is safe.

9. Bursting Follow Fridays (# FF)
The "Follow Friday" is a widespread tradition in Twitter was invented in 2009 and consisting of twitterers to recommend by Friday hashtaga tweets marked with the # FF or # followfriday .

Using this idea  you get surely please the ego of some other twitterers recommending for you (which can be translated in to follow you) or simply interested in who you are, like it and decide to follow your timeline. Everything depends on the judgment and originality of your # FF .

10. Desvitualízate
1.0 The world remains key if you want to succeed in the 2.0 world, we are people and the quality of relationship with someone who you know is physically difficult to match by virtual means.

For this and other reasons have arisen precisely the "Events Twitter" as the now famous "Eat & tweets" in which people get for "desvirtualizarse". If you like these soirees, is a good way to do networking and take you step a few Twitter followers.

Moreover, not saying that they are also very effective (by allowing networking) "traditional" events such as lectures, courses such as those organized here , round tables , etc..

Bonus Track: 5 Ideas more ...
Once again I will post long, so I'll leave you with what would be for me the top 10 tricks, but not without at least a brief mention of some other ideas that you may also be interesting :

Calls retweets for a good cause : There are many idiots out there, but there are many good people . So, this works very well and also really like . Good examples are a tweet to get a job for a friend, a picture of a dog that has been lost or a donation to a good cause. Clearly it is true, so do not force it, just take the opportunity if it arises.
Pay attention to the impact news : Be aware of the impact news that fit to your subject line, react quickly and make 4 or 5 good tweets can have much impact, even become viral , if you are spot on .
Surfing the wave of the trending topics : It is worth being aware of the trending topics that are on the main page Twitter or places like this . Over time you will identify hashtags that go well with your subject and they work very well as. For example, the tag # job or # work work great (not surprisingly, much like many RTs and receive tweets with job offers). In our case they will very with posts on employment 2.0, LinkedIn, etc..
Use ads offline : If you want to bet heavily, for example, to create a Twitter account linked to your business, you can always think of campaign "old-fashioned" (press, radio, etc..) with an indication of the Twitter account and the rest of your website (blog, Facebook, etc.).
Place an eBook : Readers eBooks and Amazon have revolutionized the publishing market . It is possible, though not easy, but it is possible that someone completely unknown, promotes and sells a bestseller without anyone's help. For example, a button . All this traffic of readers can not only capitalize on the eBook itself, but also with other channels of which one can be Twitter. This indica account everywhere in your author page, in promotions, etc..
In short, with these tips and applying the basic principles of the previous post , with a little effort, you should be able to get within 2-3 months a few hundred supporters of good quality.

From there you'll see that things change and everything will become much easier . Reached a threshold, just providing some 20 to 30 tweets a day (remember: Twitterfeed you can help a lot in this ) and watching some quality followers probably get almost daily. In our case, between about 10 to 20 a day and growing twitter followers